Saturday, June 21, 2014

Natural Wreath Making

So I get flowers, I grow flowers, I love flowers! I don't like my flowers to die on me, so I dry them!
Especially the roses and baby's breath and anything else!
 I take the roses and let them dry in the vase after the second day.
 I just empty the water from the vase and let them slowly dry. sometimes I hang them upside down. Just tie them together and hang in a dry dark place.
So now I have this large box of dried leaves, filler, roses, cinnamon sticks, and tons more drieds! Now what to do with them!

Well I have made potpourris using the drieds and essential oils. But all the beautiful roses heads are wanting to become something else............
since all my painting is done and Robin cleaned out the pile of junk we threw in the back's time to craft!
first the drieds, then the base!
another beauty!
Orange peels, rosebuds, dried leaves, baby's breath, a little glue and the finished product!
and another one!

So while Robin worked on these, I worked on another project that I will unveil on Monday!

the two larger wreaths have straw wreath bases and smaller one has a seagrass mat for the base.
Minimal cost with maximum beauty!
One more little but necessary thing~~~~  Spray the wreaths to strengthen them. The Spray will deepen the colors, and help to hold them together. The effect is perfection!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Planting Season and my Creative Side!

So Planting season in not only here but it's moving along fast!
I only have Sat nites and Sundays to get out into the yard and this year it has been proven once again to be difficult...............
Between my Dad, graduations, and the weather it's not been so easy to get out and get planting!

But I have begun none the less!  A few weeks ago between runs to the hospital to visit Dad I got Italian Squash (also know as Koosa to us), cucumber, string beans, and scallion seeds into the first patch to be planted!  they are coming alone very nicely. here are some Photos taken this past Monday morning!
I will take more next week as they grow bigger and I can already see some flowers forming on the beans! there is also five rows of scallions in this patch. I will be putting up stakes and ropes to train the cucs to grow up and not on the ground. 
all the seeds for the beans seem to have sprouted! but they don't look crowded at all!  I will have to thin and transplant the squash and cucs this weekend too.  I will also be building up the soil around them to make the planting stronger. adding coffee grounds and some Epsom salts will be the final thing for the weekend.
A couple of weekends ago I built these really great planters from stair steps and window boxes! that really fueled my creative side!Stair threads, boards and planter combined to make two sets of planters for my carrots, parsley, lettuce, radishes and spinach.  the seeds have all sprouted and are coming along nicely!
Lettuce in the window planter

Radishes need to be thinned I think!
More to get accomplished this weekend coming!  Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants need to be purchased and planted!  More pictures to follow!

Did you see the bed frame in one of the above pictures?  watch what that will become on July 4th weekend!