Friday, March 6, 2015

Is it over yet?

I have been so bad!   I haven't posted a new entry in Months!

The Fall was wonderful and warm, very unusual for this part of NE.........and no storms!  none at Christmas and most of January!  and then that all changed! BIG TIME CHANGE!

but first  the Holidays:
yes they were so very different this past year!  Not having Mom or Dad around was very difficult but we made it. and honestly I think that we are growing stonger as siblings. Helping each other more, showing more concern for each other............but than that's what family is supposed to be about.

And then the Snow came and came and came!  It;s looking like we are finally going to get a reprieve from the bitter cold and all the snow the next several days!
First storm brought 22" and then days later 8 more, days later more, then more, then more, then more!  Yesterday the storm that should have left us 1-3" stopped at 9".......yes 9" more one my front lawn, on the sides of my driveway, on the corners of my street! There's no escaping it!  the piles in the plaza are over 12' tall. Can't see around corners to turn onto the main's pure craziness!

But I know that soon the snow will be gone, the grass will begin to grow and the whole world will be awashed with the colors of Sping.
Tulip, crocus, daffodils...........and more.......yes they will come up as always to give us another color than the white that is everywhere!  well white with gray sand and salt caps............yuckkkkk!

 just a few of the pictures I took this year!

this was a major concern for us! We hire a construction co to clear off the snow and put melting stuff on the roof to get rid of the ice buildup!

this is the first night of the big storm!

well Spring will be here soon and I hope Mother Nature is finished
with dumping on us for awhile!
Till next time!