Sunday, September 21, 2014

Changing of the Seasons --- The beauty that surrounds us.

So the Fall is upon us and the smell of falling leaves and change is in the air. I am lucky to live here in New England where the four seasons command our weather.

Winter with all its cold and wonder white snow.

Spring and it's wonder popping colors make that season ever changing with rich yellows, purples, reds, greens, and the birth of new generations of plants, animals, and insects.

Summer has it rich colors and exotic plants that we can't grow any other season up in these areas. Not to mention the wonderful fresh veggies from the garden and farmers markets.  The heat you can keep!  I am not keen on that at all, but it does usually come with the season. This year was so exceptional, not too many hot days (don't think any of them went over 90 degrees!) and the humidity was kept at bay too........we had some nothing that we are use too!

and now here it is my favorite season!  Fall.............the air is crisp, the trees are starting to turn into wonders of color, deep yellows, rich reds, vibrant greens and browns!  The air contains the smell of wood burning in fireplaces, the cooking of apples and pumkins and the crispness that allows us to feel a newness about the world and mother nature.

Everyday this season take a minutes to just step outside, smell and look.
Smell the rich cool air, and watch the trees as their dressing change colors and fall softly to the ground.
Then step back and remember that Mother Nature is a wonderful Lady filled with life, love, and color.  Yes she is also filled with treachous things, but she always gives us back the wonder of it all.

So until the first snow falls this Winter I will be enjoying the color the fresh air the wonder of Mother Nature.

So now off this reflective note and onto the purpose of this post!

I don't want to alarm anyone but:  The holidays are quickly upon us............! arrrrggggghhhh!

Don't you panic!  I do that enough for everyone!

Here is a beautiful scarf Pattern to get you started on your holiday knitting and it's easy and quick to make too!
Any Yarn can be used........this is the orginal that I made the yarn has been discontinued but I have many others that can be used in it's place!

Email me at and I will be happy to send along the pattern to you!

Don't forget: it's quick, it's easy and you will love it!