Saturday, June 21, 2014

Natural Wreath Making

So I get flowers, I grow flowers, I love flowers! I don't like my flowers to die on me, so I dry them!
Especially the roses and baby's breath and anything else!
 I take the roses and let them dry in the vase after the second day.
 I just empty the water from the vase and let them slowly dry. sometimes I hang them upside down. Just tie them together and hang in a dry dark place.
So now I have this large box of dried leaves, filler, roses, cinnamon sticks, and tons more drieds! Now what to do with them!

Well I have made potpourris using the drieds and essential oils. But all the beautiful roses heads are wanting to become something else............
since all my painting is done and Robin cleaned out the pile of junk we threw in the back's time to craft!
first the drieds, then the base!
another beauty!
Orange peels, rosebuds, dried leaves, baby's breath, a little glue and the finished product!
and another one!

So while Robin worked on these, I worked on another project that I will unveil on Monday!

the two larger wreaths have straw wreath bases and smaller one has a seagrass mat for the base.
Minimal cost with maximum beauty!
One more little but necessary thing~~~~  Spray the wreaths to strengthen them. The Spray will deepen the colors, and help to hold them together. The effect is perfection!

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