Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LunchTime Lessons! Stock your Knitting Bag!

Tuesday is Knitting Lesson day!

Not so much a lesson today, but a let's make sure you have all you need to get started in Knitting!

A list of suggested supplies is where we will start today.

Must haves:

Knit guide with stitches is always a good must have for your knit kit.
       one that goes over the basics including cast/on, cast/off, stitch keys and such.

Knitting needles.....where do you being?  there are so many on the market it's actually crazy....there's bamboo, metal, wood (different from bamboo!), plastic, baylene and more!  What ever needles you get make sure that the needles match the yarn.   ex: some yarns slide better on metal, some better on bamboo........it becomes a very personal perference....
if you are working with a slippery yarn, plastic is probablly the way you want to go.
Circular needles may be a necessary evil but don't be scared they aren't hard to use!

Yarn........ah a very grey area when it comes to what type, cost, allergies etc.......the one thing you want to make sure it this.........a beginner is fine with cheap yarn,,,,,,,,, but as you progress in your knitting skills, the better the yarn, the more expensive it will be. My rule is this: if it's worth doing and you want a great garment or afghan that will last for years..........don't go cheap. the item you create will be cheap looking and not last as it should. Your worth every penny, don't skimp on the good stuff.
Make sure your yarn, your needles, and your pattern are all in sync...........you can't knit a baby pattern that calls for fingering weight yarn with size 8 knitting needles, and bulky yarn.
The right yarn, the right needles for the pattern you choose everytime!  Unless you are good with altering a pattern, this is a step you should make sure is correct. The shop you are getting your supplies from should have people on hand to help you get started.

Patterns:-------now this is where you start when you are done practicing your stitches........a good pattern with plainly written, concise and easy to follow directions and charts.  And if you do choose a pattern that isn't quite written in plain English, make sure that the shop you get it from is able to help you with it......
That's the one thing I always tell my customers when they purchase from me....if you need help with the pattern, please do come in for help......

Now you have a pattern and your yarn....let's see what else we need to get you stocked up to start.

Stitch holders..........they look like giant safety pins, made to hold your stitches for necks, shoulders, and more. Different brands, different sizes are available.  I do recommend that your kit should have at least two sizes and two of each. I like the 4 1/2 -6" sizes.

Needles Gauge.........a good gauge will have the holes for all the needles to size them, a little ruler for checking gauge, (that's a class all by itself!) in both metric and standard sizes. and the real good ones will also have the corepsonding Crochet hook sizes.  Susan Bates makes the most acurate gauge I have ever used.

Measuring tape........cloth is good..you want it to be flexible........as many of the patterns and books of today are written for all the world, many will have metric and standard measure. Your measuring tape should have both on it to allevate guessing.

Point protectors..........great little tools to keep those stitches from falling off your needles when transporting your work.... as in all else...........get a variety of sizes to match your needle sizes........something that fits a size 2 needle won't do any good holding the stitches onto a size 13 needle.

Darning Yarn Needles......they have big eyes to put the yarn through for finishing work.  You can get them in Plastic, Metal, balene (in the old days it was celliduid or bone also!)  I prefer the metal...........always afraid I am going to break the plastic ones!

Stitch counter---- that will help you keep track of your rows, stitches, increases and more!

Stitch Markers...........they are an invaluable for counting stitches, and are used in many patterns for indicating where increases, decreases, and pattern changes are done. There two types....the solid round markers for general use as described above. And there are open-ended makers for temporarily making a spot.

A good pair scissors................6" snips are fine!

Some people like to keep a crochet hook handy for dropped stitches,  we actually have a neat little tool with a pick on one end and a hook on another!

Notebook and pen!  yes those are a necessity in your knit kit!

and of course a must is a good sturdy bag big enough to carry your project and your supplies in.

Other options to your kit could be..........needle case for circular needles (don't be scared!), straight needles in both 9" and 14" sizes for a case that holds both...........keeping your needles organized will keep them from getting damaged and lost....

Page Protectors to put your pattern in to keep it from getting mangled as you use it.

Post-it Note tape is a great addition to your kit. It's repositionable and you move it about the pattern to follow the rows as you go.

There are many many gadgets for sale for knitting.........these are the very basic that I would suggest you keep handy in your kit........the rest you can aquire as you grow!

See you Tomorrow with LunchTime Lessons -----------Wednesday is Crochet Day!

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