Thursday, April 30, 2015

LunchTime Lesson!!!!! Let's Quilt!

Good Afternoon!
Hope you have something good for lunch today!

Without boring you....... if you would go back to Monday's Lesson on Sewing Kit essentials, we can add to that list for your quilting necessities!

You will need a self-healing Cutting mat in one in my opinion the bigger the better to fit your workspace.

A Rotary Cutter for making it easier to get clean and straight cuts on your pieces.

A good rigid ruler is a great tool to have to aide in cutting the can find them with cork or felt feet that won't slip when you are cutting pieces.

Quilting needles ---Hand sewing needles in the number 7 -12 range are the best for hand quilting. If you are machine piecing the needle must match the fabric weight as you add layers you will need a heavier weight needles to go through the layers smoothly.

Templates ---- can be added as you grow..........

So many other items can be added to your kit!  As you become more accomplished in your quilt work, don't be afraid to experiment with some of them.

Next week I will go over fabrics, what type to use when, how to prep them, and more!

Today I have a tip from one of my fellow artisans to aid you in your quilt work!

Ann Gately from Putman Lake Quilting let me know of a marking pen that she has been using. 
"I have been using FriXion markers lately. It says that you can erase them with the eraser, I couldn't, BUT they also disappear with heat.... totally disappear."  That's a great tip!  many times we go to wash out the marker and it won't fully leave us!
Take a peek into Ann's wonderful creative shop!

LunchTime Lessons will be back tomorrow with a great craft you can make for Mom, or Grandma, or Godmother, or Auntie.........or just because you want one!

And I will be adding photos along with descriptions!
See you tomorrow!

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