Friday, May 1, 2015

Welcome To Friday! LunchTime Lesson!

Otherwise from here on it to be know as "LunchTime Crafting" Day!

I know I have have you fill your kits this week with the necessities for Knitting, Sewing, Quilting and more, but today we will take a little break and after a very short list of "needs", get you right into a Mother's Day quickie!

Your Crafting Kit should have at least the following items:

A good pair of scissors for cutting fabric, ribbons and more.
A junkie pair for only paper (don't want to ruin the good!).  Make sure you label them so the family will keep their mitts off!

A glue gun.......both mini and regular are good to have on hand.  I use mostly my regular size gun for just about all gluing needs.............UNLESS I know something may be used in a window or over a heater or in direct glue will re-melt if it's exposed to hot sun for any length of time!

A good tacky glue---we use Aleenes' Tacky here in the shop.

A good project..........this is where your stash will begin to grow!

And a good vessel to keep it all together in!


For Mother's Day I have a very simple project that is so easy you may have to make more than one!

Pleated Fabric Ribbon  or  lace fabric with tiny holes....... 12" long by 5-6 wide.
12" of 1/4" ribbon
12" of 1 1/4" ribbon
one bunch of fabric Rose Buds
2 oz of Lavender Buds
Needle and thread
Glue Gun or tacky glue
Hand Cream!   If you are using the glue to work this project..........put the hand lotion on in case you accidentally get the hot glue on your me it is HOT and it will remove your skin and cause blisters!  the hand cream puts a protective coating on your skin and IF you do get glue in the wrong will come off with the skin intact..and chances are that it won't blister!

 Fold the fabric in half and glue the bottom and side together......
 Fill the bag with the lavender buds.

Use the needle and thread to do a running stitch around the bag opening, single layer.

 Pull the thread tightly and securely tie off the thread.
 tie the wider ribbon around the gathered top and glue the thinner ribbon right into the little hole at the top.

Take three of the ribbon roses and glue them to the ribbon bow.

That is all there is too it!

Mom will love it!

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