Friday, May 8, 2015

So Welcome to Friday! The start of another weekend!  

Well today we have a simple but great craft for you try at home! 
We are going to make this Garden Cement Hand that you can use outside or in your home. Put a potted plant in the palm and it is a great conversation piece.!

 We need for this project a bag of Cement, I recommend using the cement that is available with little or no rocks......mine had rather large rocks in it, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how smooth it ended up. If it didn't have rocks, it would have been easier to fill the gloves and there probably would have been no holes of gaps to fill, but whatever it all worked out great!
You will also need some bowls and latex or rubber gloves. Make sure you get enough gloves so you can wear a pair and fill the others.

So no take a disposable cup and fill it a couple of times with the cement, than add water until you get the consistently you see here.
add more mix or water as needed.  You need to work rather quickly the cement is usually a quick dry and will begin to set up fast!

Fill a glove with the cement mix making sure to get into all the fingers and thumb. When it is filled to your liking, gently place it into an empty bowl and form the palm and fingers as you want them. I used a jar to push a flat into the palm of the hand. 
I let the whole thing set to hard overnight, and then the next day gently  removed the latex glove.  One of the fingers broke off where the rocks were but I just used a great adhesive for indoors or outdoors and covered the break line and the holes from the rock with more of the sandy portion of the cement.

These are fun to make and I will be making a few more for my garden soon...............50# of cement can make many hands!!!!

Enjoy your craft, enjoy the Sun! See you On Monday when the weekend is done!

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