Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today's LunchTime Lesson-------Crochet

Good Afternoon! Hope you have great weather and a good lunch to enjoy today!

Here we are at Wednesday already! The weeks are just flying by!

Yesterday I posted a yarn chart with all the weights of yarns and knitting needle sizes. I won't re-post that chart here but get right onto the descriptions and size equivalents for crochet.

Fine/Lace weight yarns use fine steel hooks sizes 6,7, or 8 or you can use a B-1 size for your project.  This weight make beautiful shawls, sweater and more......the most delicate baby items can be made with this!

Sock/Fingering/Baby weight yarn the most common articles made from this weight are afghans, sweaters, socks and anything where you want that delicate look and feel about it. Crochet hook  B-1 to  E-4 are the most used for this weights.

Sport/Baby weight yarns are next.........great sweaters, delicate afghans, hats and more to make from these yarns.  The most common size hooks to use range from E-4 to size 7 (no letter designated to this size).

DK/Light Worsted yarns use sizes 7 through I-9 depending on the thickness of the yarn. This size and the next yarns are the most commonly used weights for so many clothing items, especially great for making baby clothing.

Aran/Worsted/Afghan weight yarns used for clothing, afghans and more.  They call off needle sizes I-9 to K-10 1/2. Aran is the lightest of the three yarns.

Chunky weight is next and encases rug and craft type yarns also....Needle sizes K-10 1/2 to M-13 are the common sizes to use with this weight yarn...

M-13 and larger needles are used on the Super Bulky weights of yarn.........if you want to work with fabric and make rag rugs, 1" strips work best on size P-Q hooks...............

don't forget the yarn label is the key to what needle size should be used for your project. And many times a pattern may call for a larger or smaller sized needle to achieve the pattern look the designer has in mind.

Have fun with it and if gauge isn't an issue (as in the case of a scarf or blanket) double up the yarns, triple them and make quick and fun projects. If your needle size doesn't "feel" right for those items, change it!  go up a size!

See you next Wednesday for more Crochet!

Tomorrow's LunchTime Lesson is all about Quilting!

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