Friday, May 8, 2015

LunchTime Lessons -------Quilting Thursday!

Sorry I didn't get do this Quilting lesson yesterday! The shop was busy with questions and phone today I will be doing two blogs one for quilting and one for crafting!

On to today;s quilt lesson!

Let's talk about fabrics:

The range of fabrics out in the world is massive!  Choice of design and colors is limitless, as it the choice of fibre.......

After you find a quilt design you want, the question becomes, what fabrics do I want...

Lets start with a simple Nine Patch quilt square. I take a trip to the fabric section of my shop ...........Most quilters will you only cotton, some will use blends, some will use's all individual choice.

BUT: no matter what fibre is your choice, make sure that all the fabrics are the same fibre, unless you are doing a "Crazy Quilt" like the one on the left or an "Artist Quilt" such as the one on the right, it is important to the construction of the quilt that all the fabrics are the same.

for the Nine Patch you need to choose 9 fabrics that you love............there is alot of leeway here.........the colors don't have to match and can include designs and solids.......let your imagination go wild........the bold, the more beautiful or keep it all quiet and simple.............all up to you!

Now that you have chosen your fabrics, you have many options to big do you want it?

Standard Manufacturers' Sizes for Bedding
Measurements are approximate and given for standard US Mattresses
Measured in Inches (Width x Length)
Mattress TypeMattress
(short drop)
(long drop)
Lap Quiltn/an/an/an/a
Crib28" x 52"36" x 54"n/a45" x 60"
Twin/Single39" x 75"65" x 88"81" x 107"72" x 90"
Twin/Single XL***39" x 80"65" x 93"81" x 112"n/a
Double/Full54" x 75"80" x 88"96" x 107"81" x 96"
Double/Full XL54" x 80"80" x 93"96" x 112"n/a
Queen60" x 80"86" x 93"102" x 112"90" x 108"
King76-78" x 80"104" x 93"120" x 112"120" x 120"

Once that decision is made you can go ahead and purchase your fabric...

How big do you want your nine patch squares........we will be using 4" squares to make our quilt square.

To wash or not to wash the fabric first...............hmmmmm......that's a hard decision.......if all your fabric is the same fibre, and will all shrink the problem. Many quilter's prefer to use it unwashed because it is more stable for machine sewing. If it's an over-dyed fabric such as most batiks..........I would probably want to wash it first.........and if you are using a mix of fibres...........definitely wash and iron it all first!  you don't want to get your quilt all done and than give it a gentle wash and have it go out of shape!

Well that's enough info for today so let's gather up our fabrics, our rotary cutters, rulers, and cutting mats so we will be ready for next Thursday's lesson on using those tools!
See you then!

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