Friday, April 24, 2015

The Small Things.........

Every day we go about our lives just waking, walking, running through the day, the week, the month.
And then we get "those" days, the ones with the disasters, the things that don't go just know the ones that make you wonder why you got up that morning, and can you please have a "do-over".
Those days are all too plenty. And then you get those days that the "small things" make your day the best.

Meeting old friends, having your coffee paid off.......sitting with good people and chatting, all the while crafting a quilt, a sweater, a scarf.
I have at many times been giving the task of finishing projects for others.
The Black sweater that someones' mother started and never got put together, the afghan that I had to lay on the floor to figure out what design Grandma had in mind when she crocheted those 300 squares,,,,..........and then the Teddy Bears.
The Teddy Bears that are made from old clothes, not any old clothes, the clothes that Pappa wore, or Mom's old robe. The hankies that she collected or the fabic from the arm of that favorite couch........or the clothes of a child's first outfit...........
Sometimes the task is difficult because that person has passed, sometimes it's a pleasure because that loved one is starting a new phase of their own life.
Whatever the reason it gets left with me, the end result is that someone trusted me with the squares, sweaters, clothing of their loved ones. And that makes me smile! to know that after all these years, people still come here because they believe I can do a task for them that they don't feel they can handle.

and I sit here and feel blessed. And I smile.

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