Monday, April 27, 2015

Oh Spring.........Where did ye go?

Spring is finally here!
Warmer temps, longer days and flowers!
 beautiful purple crocus and yellow jonquils!
and lots of them!
 the tulips are closing in on opening their buds and the daffodils are close behind!
 My hydrangea brances have life in them and birds are busily building their nests!
Yes Spring is finally here!

and into my garden I will go.

Sunday is shapping up to be a beautiful warm day and I am itching to get the string beans and sweet peas into the ground. and clean up the fallen branches and rake up the leaves that got over looked last year.
Time to spruce it all up!

I got the Front yard all done on Sunday and took three hours to shape up the hydrangeas where I want them to be..........I have been letting someone else do them and one cares about your stuff the way you I will do it myself, my way.

the daffodils are brillant yellow and the birds are singing way!  yes Spring is finally here.

That was last week............this week is cold and rain is on tap for most of the week............Oh Spring where did ye go????

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